Sunday, March 2, 2008

The cinema according to Hitchcock

This is one of my favorite books about the films of the english director, Alfred Hitchcock. The writer, the french director, François Truffaut.
Truffaut was in US in 1962 with the promotion of his movie 'Jules et Jim' and he was asked about why the french critics of 'Cashier du cinema' like hitchcock movies. Truffaut got angry with the journalists and he answered them, Hitchcock made cinema as I knew cinema.
Two years later, Truffaut decided to write a book with conversations with Hitchcock about his own movies. The book is more than a guide about the filmography of Hitchcock, is a gift, is something that you can't miss. Every film that Hitch directed during his entire life are on the book commented by the director and by Truffaut. If you ever had any doubt or question of what Hitch thinks about his movies, or you just wants to know more about him, this is your book.
Enjoy it!

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