Tuesday, March 4, 2008

El Mariachi

"The movie made for $7,000". That is how Columbia picture promoted Robert Rodriguez first movie. El Mariachi, originally made for the spanish home-video market, was the first movie filmed in spanish in US. Yes, it is a very low-budget movie, but if you want to enjoy the film you must forget that in both ways. For those people who are thinking how it is possible to make a film just with $7,000 and for those who are waiting for expensive FX scenes and an acceptable photography. After this, you are ready to watch the movie.
El Mariachi is an action movie that surprise you first time you see it. The story is very simple. A good guy in a bad place with bad guys that mistake him for the criminal they are hunting. And, of course there is a woman. El mariachi falls in love with her, a good girl but connected with this criminal circle. Ok, may be it is not the most original script but what I really enjoyed were the shots, the changes of rithmic, the use of fast and slow camera during the film. To sum up the idea of being in a world where Robert Rodriguez show you how easy it is to be caught in his nets. And all of this with a little smile in his face, like saying 'hey I did it!'

If you have the dvd do not forget the special features, the movie commented by Robert Rodriguez. He talk step by step how he made the film. It is really interesting. The first thing he said is 'you know this logo(Columbia's logo) probably cost more than my whole movie. Hello, my name is Robert Rodriguez'... Enjoy it!

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